Areas of Expertise

You Name It, We Do It!

Structural damage repair including replacing facia, sheeting, rafter tails, doors, windows, sub-flooring and will match and prime all replaced wood.

Termite Inspections & Reports

We will thoroughly inspect your entire home including the attic and crawl space beneath you so make sure we catch everything. We will offer a detailed report of our findings such as hollow sounding wood, small piles of sawdust along baseboards and under flooring and then discuss with you on how we can solve your problem while working with your budget.


In some cases it is necessary to fumigate and in that case we use Vikane®. This allows us to reach areas we normally would not be able to such as wall voids and cracks. Don’t worry though, the active ingredient , sulfuryl fluoride, is nonflammable, non-staining and does not react with items or compounds in the home or building.

Escrow Termite Clearance

We will work with you to make sure the job is done right the first time so you can sell that home!


Some homes do not need to be fumigated and we can develop a treatment plan to change out damaged wood and treat certain areas.

Yearly Control Services

Rain, snow, or shine we are here to treat your termite problems!

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.